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Welcome to the Jungle

Welcome to the Jungle

I've two awesome brothers.

I'm the oldest although I would always try and get away with being the youngest!

When I found out my middle brother had a baby on the way, I was so excited that I wanted to create something that would be a keep sake.

Growing up in a hotel, I was lucky enough growing up to have met lots of different people from all over the world who would send me gifts that inspired me as a grew up.

I wanted to do the same, and when the baby was old enough and starting to learn learn to read I thought it might be cool for them to learn about diversity. So I thought I'd create a wee book.

I started by thinking about a theme and how I could fit diverse characters within that theme. As I doodled away I came up with a number of characters inspired by a trip to Edinburgh Zoo.

In the end the book was more about introducing the characters to everybody. They all have back stories which are still in my head. I am hoping to create more eventually. 

Fast forward and I have had the book printed for some of my other nieces and nephews and friends...

It's also available on Amazon... 

And now I am happy to say after much nudging from my Hubby that I also have some merch for these crazy creatures I created - so Welcome to the Jungle folks!

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